Food Safety Programs

Every one of our programs is reviewed internally on an annual basis-and modified whenever we think it’s necessary.

As we grow as a company, we continually grow our food safety programs making them stricter, more rigorous (and pretty darn intense, if we may say so ourselves). That’s why we sometimes make changes on a more regular basis whenever it’s the right thing to do.

We’re committed to keep the food we handle safe for our customers, which is why we have so many food safety programs in place, including but not limited to:

  • Employee Training

At Get Fresh, we acknowledge the importance of highly trained staff members.  Therefore, employee training starts upon hire with an extensive orientation process.  Employees are then required to learn their job specific functions so that they can conduct work in a proper and safe manner on a daily basis. Ongoing training is also required of all staff.  Therefore, employees are trained on company and industry specific Food Safety, and Good Manufacturing Practices.  As a supplement to annual training, some employees are required to complete additional Sanitation Training for their job specific roles.  Lastly, all employees are reminded of company Food Safety requirements with Refresher Training on a quarterly basis.

  • Environmental Sustainability

As sustainability continues to emerge as a pressing issue worldwide, Get Fresh Produce, Inc. is commited to further enhance and develop our own Environmental Programs and Policies to encompass all aspects of our business.  Our growing program includes, sustainable food and agricultural practices, purchasing from socially responsible purveyors, energy conservation, waste management, and eco-conscious building and systems design. 

  • Food Security

The Get Fresh Produce, Inc. Food Security Program is in place to assess potential security risks and develop strategies to identify and reduce risks. The Program addresses measures to reduce the potential of tampering, criminal, or terrorist actions that risk the safety of food products stored, transported or sold into commerce. A company Food Defense Team is in place to provide continuous employee training, conduct monthly security audits, and meets annually to assess the Food Security Program.

  • Sanitation

In order to keep our facility as clean as possible, a formal Sanitation Program is in place.  This program details the proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures for all areas of the warehouse, including but not limited to, sanitation of stainless steel work tables, proper clean-up of dairy spills, raw protein, and glass.  Employees must review all Standard Operating Procedures as part of their initial and ongoing Food Safety Training. 


Through a Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP), all inventoried and distributed produce and food items from Get Fresh Produce are assessed to ensure that the food safety of the products is in accordance with FDA guidelines and that no adulteration or spoilage is evident.

  • Product Withdrawal and Recall

In the event of a Product Recall, Get Fresh receives up-to-the-minute information.  We also communicate all recalls pertaining to products we carry. Even though we may not carry the product in quesiton, we want to give our customers piece of mind.  In the event of an actual recall, we clearly communicate instructions for customer response.  Throughout the year, we also conduct mock recalls as a way to practice our processess and procedures in the event of an actual recall.

  • Vendor Certification

In order to improve existing dialogue and business partnerships it is imperative for Get Fresh Produce, Inc. to work with vendors that consistently achieve federal and state regulatory requirements and food safety initiatives. Our goal is to continually grow and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers to aid in the consistent quality, wholesome products our customers expect and demand.  We revisit this program on an annual basis, or sooner if necessary.